Halls Gap Adventure

Going to Halls Gap
Bill and I have been working so much lately it feels like our time in Australia is whizzing by. We realised that we hadn’t done any proper travelling in months because of our hectic schedules so last weekend, after I’d finished work on the Saturday, we took off into the sunset and headed for Halls Gap (we removed the cat from the bonnet first).

Arrived at Halls Gap

Halls Gap is in Victoria near the Grampian Mountains but it’s a four hour drive from Melbourne nonetheless. We’d planned the trip completely last minute so it was a bit of a frenzy to get there and find our Motel which – although nice enough – was absolutely freezing!

Halls Gap is an interesting place for a number of reasons. Not only does it have access to the amazing walks and views of the Grampians National Park, but it’s a place steeped in Aboriginal culture and was also privy to shocking damage after the huge forest fires of 2009.

However for Poms like me and Bill, what made Halls Gap the most interesting is that it is sincerely, categorically, overrun by kangaroos!

In Halls Gap

 It was insane! In the rugby field, outside the cafes, crossing the road, there were kangaroos absolutely everywhere. Having lived in European-style Melbourne for the past 6 months, we felt like we were finally getting a true taste of Aussie living.

Halls Gap
Other than kangaroos, walking is really the order of the day in Halls Gap. Whether it’s a light stroll through the bush, visiting Zumstein, or clambering up to the Pinnacle, a visit here will get your legs moving and your heart pumping – it certainly did mine!

Halls Gap
It’s worth the effort though. Amazing views, great food, and an immersion in Australian culture and history mean that this is one of the most enlightening places we’ve visited so far. Would definitely recommend.


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