At the Melbourne Show

Going to the Royal Melbourne Show is just one of those things you have to do if you live here. It’s a pretty incredible amalgamation of an agricultural competition, a theme park, and a county fair with an eclectic mix of cows, carnival rides and crafts.

The Melbourne ShowDuckchikmelbshow

I wore what Bill lovingly refers to as my Bogan shorts (nasty man) but I felt I looked sort of shabby-chic/French summertime (or at least a bit farm-ish). It was a pretty hot day so honestly, I didn’t care too much.

Melbourne Show Outfit
|Top:Seed | Shorts:Thrifted | Shoes:Topshop | Bangles:Trelise Cooper | Hoops:Seed |Sunnies:Sainsburys|

Incase you can’t tell (which actually you might not be able to because WHERE IS MY OTHER ARM?) I am completely obsessed with off-the-shoulder tops and have so far bought three different versions of the same style from Seed.

I thought the top, along with my over-sized distressed shorts and what I call my Peter Pan shoes (they just remind me of him) was fairly chic in a sort of trashy tongue-in-cheek way, especially with my gold hoops thrown in (can’t resist a gold hoop me).

There was a lot to see and a lot of that yummy but completely unhealthy food to eat. I had a battered sausage on a stick (sounds gross but yum!) and we couldn’t resist splashing out on some candy floss (of fairy floss as the Aussies call it.)

Melbourne Show Fairy Floss

But for me the pièce de résistance of the day was the animal nursery, which had all sorts of farm animals and pets, as well as a little paddock where we could go and stroke goats! CUTE! I was so excited that I was just about hopping from foot to foot and I was certainly getting strange looks from passing parents whose toddlers were equally as thrilled as I.

Melbourne Show Pigs
D’awww piggies! I felt a built guilty about that sausage after this.


Now you can’t go to the Melbourne Show without getting on of the infamous ‘show bags’. These are basically bags of tat that are fobbed off on unsuspecting visitors for ludicrous amounts of money. The showbag building was heaving with kids and exhausted looking parents so we quickly got in and got out. I did get my $1 show bag however, the famous Blinky Bill Bag which is the cheapest you can buy. Woohoo!

Melbourne Showbag

Just before we left, we caught site of the Yorkshire Tea room and decided to have a nosy before catching the tram – and thank goodness we did! The room was filled with all the craft and baking entries and we had a refreshing cup of tea to finish up what had been a fabulous Melbourne day.

Melbourne Teacosies

Amazing cake
This was a cake!

P.S. Blinky Bill was basically inedible, yeuch!



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