Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon. . .

Spring has finally arrived in Melbourne and to celebrate that and my one day off, we decided to go for a little jaunt into the CBD to get some food at the new Emporium shopping centre and check out the department stores.

Sunny Afternoon

Part of my job includes wearing uniform (the designer’s pieces) so I was excited to finally try out this new fish print shirt from Zara that I’d purchased a few weeks ago. It was maybe a little more expensive than you’d expect to pay for a Zara shirt but it’s a silk/cotton mix so feels extra luxurious and is beautifully light for the warm weather that is heading our way!

Zara fish shirt

There was still a bit of a nip in the air despite the sunny skies so I popped a gorgeous cable knit cardi over the top to keep me warm – this piece I managed to nab from my sister-in-law when she came to stay. One minute I was complimenting it the next minute I owned it! Perhaps I should try it more often. . .

I also had, just in case, (this is Melbourne after all) my grass green Barbour jacket should the day really start to cool down. This was a bargain purchased  a few years ago when everybody wanted a Barbour jacket. As an ex-rider I knew I could get it through an equestrian store and pay about half of what they were charging in the boutiques!

Fish Shirt
|Sunnies:Sainsburys |Shirt:Zara |Jacket:Barbour |Jeans:Forever 21 |Boots:United Nude|

Last but not least I wore my beautiful new United Nude boots! These have a very Alexander Wang-ish heel so are quite different but still classic enough to appeal to my sense of style. They have a gorgeous metallic gold back as well which makes them perfect for all occasions.

I think I’d mentioned before that I’ve had a bit of a shoe-buying binge lately and although I’d worn these a couple of times before Bill had never noticed – I was ousted today though! I think he liked them though as he only made a few grumbly noises before forgetting about them altogether – phew!

United Nude Booties

My outfit was perfect for pottering about on a spring Sunday. It was comfortable, had a enough colours to feel fresh and fancy-free, and enough layers for the transitional weather we are having at the moment – just what’s needed when it’s 25 degrees one day and 14 degrees and raining the next!


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